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Transcarpathia, Ukraine and Allied Hospitals and Doctors since 2009

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Text Box: Nagydobrony Good Samaritan Reformed Children’s Home

Director: Laszlo Katko, Jr.
120 Csongor Str.,
Velika Dobron, 
Zakarpatska obl., 
UA-89463 Ukraine 

Phone: (+380)-31-2714-397 
 Skype: reformatusgyermekotthon 

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Text Box: Kyiv/ Maidan Video!!

Odesa was founded by Catherine the great in 1794 as a Black Sea port. It has a population of about 900,000. The French were commissioned to layout the city so it has a very European design and feel. It is a six hour bus trip from Kyiv. My companion, Bob, is a former underground courier with the Polish Solidarity union and served as Lech Walesa's translator in meetings with Ronald Reagan. Yuriy Polakiwsky, a Canadian writer living in Kyiv, is behind us. The trip to Odesa crosses the black earth steppes - famous as the “breadbasket.” It is unconscionable that 6 million people were starved to death here in 1932-33.

Presidential Election Observation Mission, April 21, 2019

Committee on Democracy

Odesa, Ukraine

Check out the “Odesa Election” link on the right for the background story….